Rise of the Raven Queen

The being now known as the Raven Queen is the second-oldest entity in the universe. In the moment of the first entity’s creation, death became a possibility, and from that possibility the Raven Queen was born. She became the consort of this entity, of whom little is known other than the titles found in rare and obscure texts: the King Most Ancient or the King of Moments. And when that King died, his passing tore the universe in two, creating the Elemental Chaos and the Astral Sea from what had come before. From the failing sparks of the King’s being arose the first gods and the first primordials.

It’s little known that the Raven Queen is not, properly speaking, a goddess at all. She predates gods and primordials alike, and in many ways she possesses more in common with the latter, those creatures who arose from the Elemental Chaos. When the primordials formed the world, the Raven Queen was among them; it was she who first began to remove the darkest areas, setting into motion the creation of the Shadowfell, the dark echo of the first world.
When the primordials began to resent the interference of the gods and made war against them, the Raven Queen chose the side of the gods, turning against her prior allies. As the keeper of fate, she alone could divine the impact the mortal races would have upon the course of events, and, whatever she saw in her skein, it led her to battle. Wielding, variously, a spear of ice and starlight or a sickle crafted by Moradin from a piece of the night sky, she fought alongside Bane and Kord, carrying the front lines.

Some among those few sages who know of the Raven Queen’s true nature argue that the gods and the primordials were, in those earliest of days, evenly matched in numbers and in power, and that it was the Raven Queen, neither god nor primordial, who tipped the balance and ultimately allowed the gods their victory. The truth of the matter is impossible to ascertain.

Following the gods’ victory, the Raven Queen might have entered the Astral Sea and formed a new dominion for herself there, to dwell among the other gods. Instead, she retired into the Shadowfell, establishing her court of Letherna in the very realm she’d had such a prominent hand in creating.

Rise of the Raven Queen

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